Tasting Room

We have moved! The new Tasting Lounge is now open. Please read on…

We now offer wine tasting at a minimum-security location in Paso Robles. Unofficially, we refer to this facility as The Tasting Room.

In order to avoid attracting attention, The Tasting Room is located in a small historic building in downtown Paso Robles, overlooking City Park. Outward appearances would suggest it is little more than a delightful wine tasting venue in the heart of Paso Robles’ vibrant downtown scene. Appearances can be deceiving.

The Tasting Room address is 840 11th Street, Paso Robles. Minimal navigational skills will be needed. We are located at the corner of 11th and Pine, facing the park and across the street from the Park Cinemas. As an added precaution, we recommend standard evasion tactics in case you are being followed.

Tasting hours can be unpredictable. We strongly recommend appointments. Please e-mail theconspirator@cloakanddaggerwines.com with your request. Let us know when you would like to taste and how many in your party. We will do our best to accommodate you.

We are typically open everyday except Tuesday. Posted hours are 11AM to 5PM but we stay open a little later on weekends. Walk-ins are welcome if seats are available. To avoid disappointment, please call 805 221 5921 to make a reservation. It’s quite possible someone will pick up. If not, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.